Since the usage areas of outdoor furniture are generally areas such as gardens, balconies, and terraces, they are preferred with the visuals that are the continuation of the houses and the expectation that they will have a long life in use. Cafe, restaurant venues such businesses in foreign wonderful design of the outdoor furniture; For long-lasting, comfortable, decorative, and easy to use fabric selections, fabrics with careful details are demanded.

The combination of many qualities in these fabric types not only ensures that the furniture has quality use, but also allows protection from external factors.

Outer Space Furniture Fabric Features How Should It Be?

  • One of the most important elements in the use of garden furniture fabrics is to know that there are fabrics that are not affected by the sun, do not fade, and do not turn yellow.
  • Outside the space furniture used in rainy weather conditions, wet or cause the user to have fluid-tight properties at the time of contact with water and fast drying is very important. In this way, the furniture does not trap water, it dries quickly, bad odor and bacterial formations are eliminated.
  • Stain-proof fabrics are always among the most preferred. Cleaning of furniture used outdoors should be practical.
  • Nobody wants to sweat the furniture used outdoors if the weather is warm. Sweaty with comfortable furniture fabrics that do not make use of the opportunity offers.
  • In addition to all these features that will provide ease of use, visuality is kept at the forefront. Colors, shapes, and patterns suitable for the styles of the furniture you will use complete your design.

Tepastex offers fabric options that will meet all the above-mentioned features for those who want to reflect their style outdoors as they wish and to achieve the highest level of comfort.

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