Police Fabrics

Uniform, shirt, raincoat & parka, ballistic vest

Tepastex Police Fabrics combines comfort and performance to meet requirements of police forces and security professionals in their working environment. Our police fabrics are always produced to meet international usage and standards. We list police fabrics in four sub-group that are: ripstop fabrics, shirt fabrics, raincoat fabrics, ballistic vest fabrics.

Ripstop Fabrics

Vat dyed ripstop fabrics and twill fabrics for corporations and police forces. We produce ripstop fabrics that are made of polyester cotton blend, nylon cotton blend (Nyco)and poly cotton elastane. We follow international tenders and develop ripstop fabrics accordingly.

Shirt Fabrics

Lightweight, high-comfort shirt fabrics for law enforcements. Our cotton rich shirt fabrics bring comfort and quality.

Raincoat Fabrics

%100 waterproof and windproof high-performance fabrics that protects law enforcement professionals from heavy rains and windy conditions.

Ballistic Vest Fabrics

High strength and high-density PA 6.6 & Polyester fabrics to cover ballistic vests for police forces and professionals.