Coated Fabrics

Coating is one of the most well-known textile applications to add properties to fabric. Tepastex specializes in the production of PU, acrylic and specially coated fabrics. We are able to make coating to every desired fabric.
Coating is especially applied to give waterproofing to the fabric.
We mainly produce waterproof coated fabrics consisting of 100% pes and 100% nylon yarns. We apply single or double knife coating according to the desired waterproofing level.
In addition to coating, we apply a water repellent finishing to the fabrics. The coating does not allow water to pass to the back of the fabric. On the other hand, the water-repellent fabric treatment allows water to slide on the fabric rather than absorbing the water.
Our fluorocarbon surface treatment makes the fabric dirt resistant and oil repellent.
Besides these coatings, we apply special coating to provide flame retardancy upon request.
All coated fabrics are washable and suitable for dry cleaning.
Coated fabrics are used in many areas where waterproofing is needed. They are mainly used in the production of jacket, coats and raincoats.

Art. CodeCompositionWeavingWeightWidthW/RW/P
208%100 Nylon 400 D + CoatingOxford180 gsm150 cm4-5700 mm
210%100 Nylon Downproof + Calender1/170 gsm150 cm4-5700 mm
218%100 Nylon Downproof + Coating1/180 gsm150 cm4-5700 mm
219%100 Pes Downproof + Coating1/180 gsm150 cm4-5700 mm
236%100 Pes + Coating1/1110 gsm150 cm4-5700 mm

Fabric Functions

Usage Areas