Windproof Fabrics

We categorize our softshell fabrics into two categories as windproof and non-windproof. Windproof softshell fabrics are particularly designed for areas where it is exposed to heavy outdoor weather conditions. It protects the user from all-weather effects and provides comfort with its superior performance structure. Tepastex windproof softshell fabrics are produced in three layers to provide quality and ultra-high performance.
Wind is an effective force to be considered during outdoor use. Tepastex windproof softshell fabrics have been developed to protect the wearer even from strong wind.
Rain and snow are other forces to be considered. The three-layer fabric structure ensures that the softshell fabrics are 100% waterproof to stand against heavy rain and snow. We produce waterproof softshell fabrics using high quality membrane made of PU or PTFE optionally.
The fabric must be breathable to provide comfort during movement. That’s why we choose microporous highly breathable membranes in the production of three-layer soft shell fabric.
In order to provide comfort during movement, we prefer to use a special flexible polyester outer fabric that gives flexibility to the fabric.
Our windproof softshell fabrics can be produced in any color depending on customer request.
Tepastex windproof softshell fabrics are used in the production of softshell jackets, softshell vests and pants that are used in outdoor conditions.

Art. CodeCompositionWeavingWeightWidthW/RW/PWindproof
10303 SOFTSHELL%90 Pes %10 Elastane + PU Membrane + Fleece1/1320 gsm150 cm4-510.000 mmWindproof
10304 SOFTSHELL%100 Stretchy Pes + PU Membrane + Fleece1/1290 gsm150 cm4-510.000 mmWindproof
10305 SOFTSHELL%100 Pes + PU Membrane + Fleece2/1 Twill360 gsm150 cm4-510.000 mmWindproof

Fabric Functions

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