Sportswear Fabrics

%100 waterproof, breathable, windproof, laminated

Tepastex sportswear fabrics are specially designed to integrate protection, comfort and performance. We are proud to be known as sportswear fabrics supplier that produces coated fabric, two layers polyurethane fabric by using PU or PTFE Membrane and 3 layers laminated fabrics according to demand. We provide waterproof, windproof, water repellent and breathable functions to the fabric in every desired color.

Coated Fabrics

We produce polyurethane, acrylic and PVC coated fabrics by using more than 30 years of experience. By special coating we are able to produce waterproof, water resistant, flame retardant fabrics depending on request.

Polyurethane Fabrics

Two layers laminated polyurethane fabrics with features such as waterproof, water repellent and breathable. We laminate twill, oxford, ripstop, and plain weaved fabrics with PU Membrane to offer wide product range.

3 Layers Laminated Fabrics

Three layers laminated fabrics made of woven and knitted fabrics. Over years we developed woven/woven, woven/knitted and knitted/knitted fabrics improved with membrane lamination. We combine breathability, waterproofing, water repellency, oil repellency, flexibility and comfort into single fabric by our special lamination technology.