Non-windproof Fabrics

We categorize our softshell fabrics into two categories as windproof and non-windproof. Non-windproof softshell fabrics are designed for areas where medium performance and ultra-comfort needed. Non-windproof softshell fabrics are engineered for daily usage or indoor working environment.
Non-windproof softshell fabrics are made of two layers and have been developed to be waterproof against medium rain. The inner polar fleece keeps the wearer warm while the outer hydrophobic woven face protects the user from water.
Our two-layer softshell fabrics are flexible, ultra-breathable and very comfortable. Thanks to the flexible polyester threads we use, the fabric moves with the body while on the move and provides ultra-comfort. Inner fleece fabric has antipilling treatment to prevent pilling during usage.
Non-windproof soft-shell fabrics are designed to be highly breathable, allowing moisture transfer and reducing perspiration.
Our two-layer waterproof softshell fabrics can be produced in any color depending on customer request. They are washable and suitable for dry cleaning.
Two-layer non-windproof softshell fabrics are designed for use in trekking softshell jackets, corporate wear and soft shell vests.

Art. CodeCompositionWeavingWeightWidthW/RW/P
715 SOFTSHELL%100 Stretchy Pes + Fleece1/1270 gsm150 cm4-5700 mm
716 SOFTSHELL%90 Pes %10 Elastane + Fleece1/1290 gsm150 cm4-5700 mm
717 SOFTSHELL%100 Pes + Fleece2/1 Twill310 gsm150 cm4-5700 mm

Fabric Functions

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