Awning Fabrics

Awning FabricsTepastex awning fabrics are designed to combine maximum protection and unique appearance. Our awning fabrics extremely resistant to outdoor weather conditions and its side effects.
UV protection, waterproofness, water repellency and weatherproofing are the functions that high quality awning fabric should has.
All Tepastex awning fabrics have UV protection with highest degree (UPF 80+) according to UV 801 Standard. It means we provide maximum sun protection and prevent users from harmful sun light.
Compared to alternatives our awning fabrics are %100 waterproof and excellent water repellent. Heavy rain, wind or even snow accumulation cannot be a concern for Tepastex awning fabrics.
Since the awnings expose to outdoor conditions, it is very important to use weather resistant fabrics that can stand extreme conditions. Tepastex awning fabrics are therefore developed as weatherproof.
Our awning fabrics are suitable for sublimation or digital printing.
Color Fastness
Color stability is one of the key factors for awning fabrics. The awning fabric need to keep its color as long as possible under sun light exposure. By knowing that, we are producing awning fabrics as extremely fade-resistant. With our unique dyeing process, we are able to provide high color fastness that lasts very long time.
Tepastex also able to produce awning fabrics in every desired color with fade resistant features.
Awning fabric should be durable to resist outdoor weather forces such as wind, tension and water accumulation. By our special finishes we make the fabrics mold resistant and dirt resistant. By that we block mildew formation and provide easy to clean fabric.

Art. CodeCompositionWeavingWeightWidthW/RW/PUPFColor Fastness
Acrylam 10350Solution Dyed AcrylicCanvas350 gsm150 cm3-410.000 mmUV 80+7-8

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