Ripstop Fabrics

Ripstop is a type of weaving that increases tear resistance and tensile strength. It is mostly preferred to be used in making police uniforms. Tepastex offers wide range of ripstop fabric in different blends and composition.
Dyeing Process & Other Features
We produce ripstop fabrics by using VAT dyeing to increase the color fastness of the fabrics. VAT dyeing is the best dyeing process to maximize color fastness. For this reason, Tepastex ripstop fabrics do not fade even if exposed to sunlight for a long time.
Tepastex ripstop fabrics are designed to be weather resistant for all-season use while maintaining comfort.
We produce ripstop fabrics in different blend ratios to meet international usage and appropriate quality standards. Our ripstop compositions consist of polyester cotton blend, nylon cotton (Nyco) blend and polycotton elastane blend. We use blended compositions to combine comfort of the organic cotton and durability of polyester and nylon fibers.
They are all washable and will not fade due to VAT dyeing process.
Flame retardant (F / R) treatment and water repellent (W/R) treatment can also be applied to fabrics upon request.
Ripstop fabrics are mostly used in the production of police uniforms and pants. Our tear resistant and weather resistant ripstop uniform fabrics have comfort, high performance and long-lasting use.

Art. CodeCompositionWeavingWeightWidthDyeingColor
419%35 Pes %65 Cotton Ripstop220150VAT dyePlain
433%50 Pes %50 Cotton Ripstop240150VAT dyePlain
460%15 Pes %85 CottonTwill/Ripstop240150VAT dyePlain
475%50 Nylon %50 Cotton Ripstop240150VAT dyePlain
478%35 Pes %65 Cotton Ripstop150150VAT dyePlain
480%47 Pes %50 Cotton %3 ElastaneRipstop240150VAT dyePlain

Fabric Functions

Usage Areas