Outdoor Furniture Fabrics

Tepastex furniture fabrics, also known as outdoor upholstery fabrics, are specifically engineered for outdoor use. We produce high color fastness, weatherproof, tear-resistant, anti-fungal, water repellent and waterproof outdoor furniture fabrics in various compositions.
As Tepastex, we produce outdoor upholstery fabrics consisting of 100% Polyester, polycotton and 100% cotton. We produce them by selecting the most durable yarns to maximize tear resistance and long product life.
Tepastex outdoor upholstery fabrics, made of 100% cotton and polycotton, are dyed with the VAT dyeing process, which provides high color fastness. By doing this, we ensure that the color of the fabric does not fade over time, while maintaining the natural touch and appearance of the fabric. 100% polyester fabrics, on the other hand, are dyed with ultra-high fade-resistant dyes that are very extremely durable against fading.
Tepastex’s exclusive surface treatment makes the fabrics water repellent and dirt resistant. This process does not allow water to penetrate the fabric and prevents dirt and dust from being hold on the surface. Thus, water drops do not wet the fabric, but slide on its surface. In addition, the fabric is easily cleaned from dirt and dust with water and soapy water.
Our furniture fabrics are developed to be weatherproof considering outdoor use. By using durable yarns and ultra-high color fastness dyes and making our special coating, we make the fabric weatherproof for four seasons. Tepastex outdoor furniture fabrics are coated with PU or acrylic coating to be waterproof. We can apply Flame Retardant treatment (F/R) to fabrics upon request.
Fabrics listed in this category are used as outdoor waterproof furniture upholstery. They are used in garden, terrace lounges and pool sides where performance and comfort are required.

Art. CodeCompositionWeavingWeightWidthW/RW/PUPFColor Fastness
723%100 PesCanvas260 gsm150 cm4-5250 mmUV 80+4-6
Acrrylsoft 725Solution Dyed AcrylicCanvas270 gsm150 cm4-5250 mmUV 80+7-8
726%50 Cot %50 PesCanvas270 gsm150 cm4-5250 mmUV 80+5-8

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