Workwear Fabrics

Pants, jacket, overalls, vest, high-visible

Tepastex provides wide range of high-performance workwear fabrics where combination of durability and comfort needed. We particularly developed polycotton fabrics for workwear coveralls and membraned jacket fabrics for working jackets. By using latest technical finishes, we are able to make fabrics water repellent, windproof, oil repellent and fire retardant according to demand. We also produce workwear fabrics based on our customer’s corporate colors as well as high visible colors.

Polycotton Fabrics

Tepastex harmonies comfort that comes from cotton and durability that comes from polyester to create comfortable and durable fabrics. Polycotton fabrics has always been the most preferred textiles for workwear overalls and uniforms. Technical finishings can be applied to improve fabric features, such as water repellency, oil repellency, flame retardancy. Cotton polyester blended fabrics can also be produced in every desired color including corporate colors.

Jacket Fabrics

%100 waterproof, water resistant, water repellent and breathable fabrics that are used to make high quality jackets. Our jackets fabrics are designed and produced with high quality PU Membrane to provide much more than your requirement.