Marine Fabrics

Tepastex Parasol fabrics are particularly developed to meet all possible requirements for outdoor use. We integrate ultra-performance, perfect appearance, maximum protection, durability and long-lasting colors into single fabric. These fabrics not only developed to use for parasol and café umbrella but also for sail shade, gazebo, canopy tents and mock-up tents.
Sun protection is one of the major functions that parasol fabrics need to have. We are producing parasol fabrics with the highest UV protection, UV 80+ according to UV 801 Standard, to prevent harmful effect of sunlight.
Compared to other fabrics used in the market, Tepastex outdoor fabrics have the highest waterproofing value which prevent water leaks even under heavy rain and accumulation.
Thanks to our special finishing our parasol fabrics have high water repellent value that allows water drops slide on the fabrics.
Color Stability
Color Fastness is an important parameter that we consider. We produce outdoor parasol fabrics with our special dyeing process that highly resist to fading.
Additionally, our café umbrella fabrics are printable with sublimation (sub-dye) printing and digital printing.
Parasol fabrics need to stand outer weather conditions and forces. Due to its high-strength, windproof and %100 waterproof structure. Tepastex outdoor parasol fabrics resist wind forces, physical tension forces and heavy rain.

Art. CodeCompositionWeavingWeightWidthW/RW/PUPFColor Fastness
Acrylsoft 725Solution Dyed AcrylicCanvas270 gsm150 cm3-4250 mmUV 80+7-8
Acrylam 10350Solution Dyed AcrylicCanvas350 gsm150 cm3-410.000 mmUV 80+7-8

Fabric Functions

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