Jacket Fabrics

Working jacket fabrics are use in the outdoor working environments that protection is required. Tepastex jacket fabrics have a durable structure for long-lasting use as well as effective protection against water and wind. On request, we produce them in two layers integrated with PU or PTFE membrane.
Jacket fabrics consist of two components, an outer fabric and a breathable membrane.
Fabrics with various weaving types such as plain weave, oxford weave, twill weave and ripstop weave are used in the outer fabric. In order to obtain maximum durability from the fabric, 100% Nylon, 100% Pes and 100% PA 6.6 yarns are preferred.
Tepastex workwear jacket fabrics are produced as waterproof, windproof, water repellent, breathable and washable to meet all necessary requirements. We choose to use hydrophobic water repellent outer fabric to protect the wearer from water. And to combine all these properties, we laminate the outer fabric with a breathable and windproof membrane.
Our jacket fabrics are washable and suitable for dry cleaning.
Tepastex jacket fabrics are used in the production of outdoor workwear jackets. They can securely use in heavy weather conditions due to their weather resistant structure.

Art. CodeCompositionWeavingWeightWidthW/RW/PProperties
720 Comfort Fleece%100 Pes Polar Fleece + Polar FleeceKnitted340 gsm150 cm4-5200 mmDuo-Color
10220%100 Pes + PU Membrane2/1 Twill170 gsm150 cm4-510.000 mmWindproof
10240%100 PA 6.6 500 D+ PU MembraneOxford250 gsm150 cm4-510.000 mmWindproof
10250%100 Pes + PU Membrane1/1130 gsm150 cm4-510.000 mmWindproof
10264%100 Nylon + PU MembraneOxford200 gsm150 cm4-510.000 mmWindproof
10267%100 Nylon + PU MembraneRipstop140 gsm150 cm4-510.000 mmWindproof

Fabric Functions

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