Uniform Fabrics

Tepastex uniform fabrics are designed to provide comfort, durability, performance and quality at international quality standards for military & law enforcement. We are producing indanthrene dyed and camouflage printed uniform fabrics according to tender specifications. We offer wide selection of fabrics by using ripstop, twill, twill/ripstop weaving and high-quality yarns.
Dyeing Process & Other Features
Our uniform fabrics are produced by using the best dyeing process in terms of color fastness which is known as indanthrene dyeing and indanthrene printing. The camouflage pattern will not last under sun light and provide long-term usage. Indanthrene dyeing process additionally make our military uniform fabrics weather resistant.
The weaving types we have selected are the most durable and demanding weaves such as ripstop, twill/ripstop and twill.
We use polyester cotton, Nyco (naylon cotton) and elastane polycotton yarn compositions to meet the best quality. We are pleased to be one of the leading Nyco fabric manufacturers in the industry.
Our fabric quality is achieved by combining best yarn quality, weaving type and dyeing process.
Optionally, we can produce military uniform fabrics with F/R (Flame Retardant) and W/R (Water Repellent) finishes.
Uniform fabrics are used by military personnel and law enforcement during training and field activity. Thanks to the durable, performance and comfortable structure of the fabrics, it can be used for a long time in all field conditions without discoloration and abrasion.

Art. CodeCompositionWeavingWeightWidthDyeingPattern
419/C%35 Pes,%65 Cotton Ripstop220150VAT dyeCamo
433/C%50 Pes,%50 Cotton Ripstop240150VAT dyeCamo
449/C%65 Pes,%35 Cotton Twill250150VAT dyeCamo
460/C%15 Pes,%85 Cotton Twill/Ripstop240150VAT dyeCamo
475/C%50 Nylon,%50 Cotton Ripstop240150VAT dyeCamo
478/C%35 Pes %65 CottonRipstop150150VAT dyeCamo
480/C%47 Pes %50 Cot %3 ElastaneRipstop240150VAT dyeCamo

Fabric Functions

Usage Areas