Outdoor Cushion Fabrics

Tepastex cushion fabrics are specially produced for outdoor use. Our cushion fabrics are physically strong, waterproof, water resistant, fade resistant, UV resistant and can be printed by sublimation printing and digital printing. We are able to produce cushion fabrics in every color that has high color fastness.
Printability is one of most desired function for outdoor cushion fabrics. Tepastex outdoor cushion fabrics can be printed with sublimation printing at temperatures up to 200 ┬░ C. This provides ultra-high printing quality. Digital printing can also be used to print our cushion fabrics.
Waterproofing and water repellency are important criteria for outdoor use. We produce waterproof outdoor cushion fabrics with our special coating process. In addition, the surfaces of the fabrics have been improved to be water repellent and dirt resistant. The water does not pass through the fabric and wet sponge during rain. Tepastex’s exclusive surface treatment technology allows the fabric to be easily cleaned from dirt and dust with water and soapy water.
Outdoor cushions need to keep their color under sunlight for a long time. For this reason, their fabrics must be fade-resistant and have high color fastness value. We provide long-lasting fabric use by using the latest technology dyeing process and colorfast dyes.
We can produce cushion fabrics by applying flame retardant finishing according to demand.
Tepastex outdoor cushion fabrics are designed to be used in gardens and outdoors. We are proud to be known as producer of best fabric for outdoor cushions.

Art. CodeCompositionWeavingWeightWidthW/RW/PUPFColor Fastness
723%100 PesCanvas260 gsm150 cm4-5250 mmUV 80+4-6
Acrylsoft 725Solution Dyed AcrylicCanvas270 gsm150 cm4-5250 mmUV 80+7-8
726%50 Cot %50 PesCanvas270 gsm150 cm4-5250 mmUV 80+5-8

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