Ballistic Vest Fabrics

Fabrics covering ballistic vests must be tear-resistant, made of high-strength yarns, weatherproof and waterproof. We offer high tenacity fabrics made of %100 Pes or %100 Nylon 6.6 to provide all these parameters.
High Strength & Other Features
Tepastex ballistic vest fabrics are produced as abrasion resistant, high tenacity, tear resistant, waterproof and water repellent to provide all necessary needs. We use high density durable yarns in the production of ballistic vest fabrics that gives the highest abrasion resistant results.
The fabrics that cover ballistic vests need to be tear resistant, made of high tenacity yarns, weatherproof and waterproof.
By applying our superior coating and finishing processes, we make the fabrics waterproof and water repellent. Thus, water does not pass through the fabric and the ballistic plate is protected from rain and water.
Additionally, our ballistic vest fabrics are highly resistant to weather conditions and provide long-lasting use.
Lastly, Flame retardant (F/R) treatment can also be applied to fabrics upon request.
Ballistic vest fabrics are used to cover ballistic plate parts and to protect them from weather conditions. They are used to make backpacks, ammunition bags and ammunition vests for the armed forces. They are further preferred in places with excessive wear such as knee brace and elbow support.

Art. CodeCompositionWeavingWeightWidthW/RW/P
231%100 Pes 600 D + PU CoatingOxford2701504 -5700 mm
270%100 PA 6.6 700 D + PU CoatingCanvas3001504 -5700 mm
271%100 PA 6.6 500 D + PU Coating Canvas2501504 -5700 mm
272%100 PA 6.6 1000 D + PU Coating Canvas3501504 -5700 mm
296%100 Pes 900 D + PU Coating Canvas3201504 -5700 mm
10355 Laser Cut%100 PA 6.6 500 D + Membrane + %100 PA 6.6 500 DCanvas4501504-510.000 mm

Fabric Functions

Usage Areas