Military Camouflage Fabrics

Uniform, parka & poncho, vest & backpack, military tent


Police Fabrics

Uniform, shirt, raincoat & parka, ballistic vest


Softshell Fabrics

Windproof, non-windproof, high performance


Sportswear Fabrics

%100 waterproof, breathable, windproof, laminated


Solution Dyed Acrylic Fabrics

Parasol, awning, tent, marine


Upholstery Fabrics

Outdoor cushion, outdoor furniture


Duo-color Fleece Fabrics

Double face, two color, each face antipilling


Workwear Fabrics

Pants, jacket, overalls, vest, high-visible


TEPASTEX was established in 1985 and has been serving in the woven fabric sector.

Outdoor Fabrics

Tepastex Outdoor Fabrics are specially developed for long-term outdoor use. We are glad to produce top quality outdoor fabrics for different uses and requirements.
We are producing UV resistant, fade resistant and waterproof Parasol/Cafe Umbrella Fabrics to provide maximum sun protection and %100 waterproofing. Similarly, producing UPF 80+ certified, %100 waterproof, high color-fast, weatherproof awning fabrics with wide color selection.

Upholstery Fabrics

Tepastex produces waterproof upholstery fabric for outdoor furniture and cushions. Tepastex outdoor cushion fabrics are highly fade resistant, waterproof, water repellent and suitable for sublimation printing and digital printing. We also produce waterproof fabrics for outdoor furniture made of %100 polyester and polycotton composition.

Sportswear Fabrics

Tepastex sportswear fabrics are specially designed to integrate protection, comfort and performance. We are proud to be known as sportswear fabrics supplier that produces coated fabric, two layers polyurethane fabric by using PU or PTFE Membrane and 3 layers laminated fabrics according to demand. We provide waterproof, windproof, water repellent and breathable functions to the fabric in every desired color.

Softshell Fabrics

Tepastex softshell fabrics are the integration of high quality, high performance and ultra-comfort. Our advanced production technology allows to make softshell fabrics waterproof, water repellent, weatherproof and breathable. They are constructed with elastane to improve the comfort during usage. Depending on the usage field we are able to produce performance softshell fabrics consisting of 3 layers with windproof features or comfortable softshell fabrics consisting of 2 layers without windproof features.

Duo-color Fleece Fabrics

Duo-color fleece fabrics are unique production of Tepastex. We produce fleece fabric with double face antipilling features. Each face of the fleece can have different color depending on the demand. Two side of the fleece is usable. Moreover, we are able to apply water repellency treatment on desired side.

Camouflage Fabrics

Tepastex Camouflage Fabrics meets quality and durability to provide long-lasting usage in motion for the military personnel and professionals. Our fabrics have been using in challenging fields and proved themselves in different climate conditions. We categorize our camouflage fabrics according to usage as uniform fabrics, parka & poncho fabrics, vest & bag pack fabrics by considering all needs of military personnel.

Police Fabrics

Tepastex Police Fabrics combines comfort and performance to meet requirements of police forces and security professionals in their working environment. Our police fabrics are always produced to meet international usage and standards. We list police fabrics in four sub-group that are: ripstop fabrics, shirt fabrics, raincoat fabrics, ballistic vest fabrics.

Workwear Fabrics

Tepastex provides wide range of high-performance workwear fabrics where combination of durability and comfort needed. We particularly developed polycotton fabrics for workwear coveralls and membraned jacket fabrics for working jackets. By using latest technical finishes, we are able to make fabrics water repellent, windproof, oil repellent and fire retardant according to demand. We also produce workwear fabrics based on our customer’s corporate colors as well as high visible colors.