Softshell Fabrics

Windproof, non-windproof, high performance

Tepastex softshell fabrics are the integration of high quality, high performance and ultra-comfort. Our advanced production technology allows to make softshell fabrics waterproof, water repellent, weatherproof and breathable. They are constructed with elastane to improve the comfort during usage. Depending on the usage field we are able to produce performance softshell fabrics consisting of 3 layers with windproof features or comfortable softshell fabrics consisting of 2 layers without windproof features.

Windproof Fabrics

Windproof, %100 waterproof and breathable softshell fabrics that are made of three layers. Windproof softshell fabrics are specially designed to provide indoor comfort in extreme outdoor conditions. High performance membrane technology prevents heavy rain, water and wind while providing moisture control.

Non-windproof Fabrics

Stretchy, comfortable, waterproof, water repellent and breathable softshell fabrics that are consisting of two layers. Non-windproof softshell fabrics are mostly preferred to use in non-extreme condition. Soft and stretchy polyester outer layer create ultimate comfort with inner fleece layer.