3 Layers Laminated Fabrics

Three layers fabric is consisting of inner fabric, membrane and outer fabric. Fleece fabrics are preferred as an inner fabric to create a comfort to the user. The highly breathable membrane is used as a core for moisture control and ultimate waterproofing. Stretchy polyester fabric is used as an outer shell to support comfort during movement.
Three-layer laminated fabrics have many features for comfortable use in extreme outdoor conditions. They are produced as %100 waterproof that can be securely used in heavy rain.
The outer shell of the fabric has a special hydrophobic treatment that provides water repellent and dirt resistant surface.
Our membrane laminated fabrics are also designed to be windproof to protect user from strong winds and other weather conditions.
Even if the fabrics are laminated, they are washable and suitable for dry cleaning.
The outer and inner shells can be produced in two different colors, including high visible colors.
Three layers membrane laminated fabrics are used in the places where the user needs performance and comfort at the same time under weather conditions. Corporate jackets, softshell jackets and coats are the products made of laminated fabrics.

Art. CodeCompositionWeavingWeightWidthW/RW/PWindproof
10303%90 Pes %10 Elastane + PU Membrane + Fleece1/1320 gsm150 cm4-510.000 mmWindproof
10304%100 Stretchy Pes + PU Membrane + Fleece1/1290 gsm150 cm4-510.000 mmWindproof
10305%100 Pes + PU Membrane + Fleece2/1 Twill360 gsm150 cm4-510.000 mmWindproof
10310%100 Pes Polar Fleece + PU Membrane + Polar FleeceKnitted360 gsm150 cm-10.000 mmWindproof

Fabric Functions

Usage Areas