Parka & Poncho Fabrics

Our parka and poncho fabrics are specially produced to protect the soldiers from heavy rain and wind while camouflaging them. The fabrics are not just protecting user from heavy rain and wind but also allows the humidity and sweat go through fabric.
Thanks to the breathable membranes we use, our fabrics provide moisture control and at the same time protect from water and wind.
Waterproofing & Other Features
We use the latest lamination techniques to integrate fabrics with membranes. We use high quality breathable PU or PTFE membranes to get maximum waterproof fabric performance.
Fabric surfaces are treated to make them water repellent. By doing that the fabric became water repellent, %100 waterproof, windproof, breathable and camouflage printed at the same time.
The fabrics themselves and their camouflage printings are weather resistant. They can be used securely in the field during four seasons.
Camouflage printed parka and poncho fabrics are washable and permanently retain their 100% waterproof, windproof and water-repellent properties even after washing.
Our fabrics are used for the production of military parka & poncho. They are used to protect military personnel from heavy rain and wind while on duty.

Art. CodeCompositionWeavingWeightWidthW/RW/PWindproof
10220/C%100 Pes + PU Membrane2/1 Twill170 gsm150 cm4-510.000 mmWindproof
10240/C%100 PA 6.6 500 D+ PU MembraneOxford250 gsm150 cm4-510.000 mmWindproof
10250/C%100 Pes + PU Membrane1/1130 gsm150 cm4-510.000 mmWindproof
10264/C%100 Nylon + PU MembraneOxford200 gsm150 cm4-510.000 mmWindproof
10267/C%100 Nylon + PU MembraneRipstop140 gsm150 cm4-510.000 mmWindproof
10303/C%90 Pes %10 Elastane + PU Membrane + Fleece1/1320 gsm150 cm4-510.000 mmWindproof
10304/C%100 Stretchy Pes + PU Membrane + Fleece1/1290 gsm150 cm4-510.000 mmWindproof
10305/C%100 Pes + PU Membrane + Fleece2/1 Twill360 gsm150 cm4-510.000 mmWindproof

Fabric Functions

Usage Areas