Camouflage Fabrics

Uniform, parka & poncho, vest & backpack, military tent

Tepastex Camouflage Fabrics meets quality and durability to provide long-lasting usage in motion for the military personnel and professionals. Our fabrics have been using in challenging fields and proved themselves in different climate conditions. We categorize our camouflage fabrics according to usage as uniform fabrics, parka & poncho fabrics, vest & bag pack fabrics by considering all needs of military personnel.

Uniform Fabrics

Indanthrene dyed and camouflage printed military uniform fabrics that combine performance and comfort for soldiers. They are specially developed to use in all fields such as land, sea and air.

Parka & Poncho Fabrics

Waterproof and windproof fabrics to protect military forces against extreme rain and conditions. Apart from these features you can feel excellent moisture control.

Vest & Backpack Fabrics

High density, durable and waterproof fabrics where extreme strength needed. Tepastex vest & bag pack fabrics are the best to protect and carry ammunition and military supplies.