Polycotton Fabrics

Polycotton fabrics are fabrics produced with a mixture of cotton and polyester yarns to provide comfort and durability. It is also an effective way to provide tear resistance by preserving the natural yarn touch. That’s why it is mostly preferred to use in the production of workwear and corporate wear.
Tear resistance is an important parameter in the use of polycotton fabrics. Since they are mostly used in the field work, they need to be tear-resistant and comfortable. For this reason, we produce poly cotton fabrics in different compositions and in the most demanded weaving types such as twill or ripstop.
Another important criterion is long-term use. Tepastex polycotton fabrics are made from organic natural cotton yarns and durable high quality polyester yarns. They have proven themselves in terms of durability in the field for many years.
Our poly cotton fabrics are washable and dyed with indanthrene dyeing groups to preserve their color after washing.
On request, we can apply special treatments such as water proofing, oil repellency and flame retardancy to improve fabric properties.
Tepastex polycotton fabrics are mainly used in the production of workwear overalls, pants and uniforms. Cotton polyester blended fabrics can also be produced in every desired color including corporate colors.

Art. CodeCompositionWeavingWeightWidthW/R
430%65 Pes %35 CottonTwill250 gsm150 cmOptional
433%50 Pes %50 CottonRipstop240 gsm150 cmOptional
440%40 Pes %60 CottonTwill270 gsm150 cmOptional
448%65 Pes %35 CottonTwill220 gsm150 cmOptional

Fabric Functions

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