Cold-Climate Tent Fabrics

Duo-color fleece fabrics are one of the unique productions of Tepastex. Two-sided polar fleece fabric, which can have different colors on each face, gives the final products an aesthetic appearance.
Fleece fabrics are one of the most preferred knitted fabrics in fashion and corporate wear. Using our know-how and technology, we developed the properties of the standard polar fabric.
Our polar fabrics are optionally produced in two different colors, including HV colors. This provides a unique and excellent look in the final products.
Tepastex duo-color fleece fabrics have antipilling treatment on double face.
We apply water repellent treatment to the desired side to make the fabric water repellent and easy to clean.
Tepastex duo-color fleece fabrics are washable and suitable for dry cleaning.
They can be produced as 100% waterproof and windproof for use in extreme conditions upon request.
Due to its nature, Tepastex fleece fabrics keep the user warm and feel comfortable.
Our fleece fabrics can be used in corporate wear as well as fashion. They are mainly used in the production of fleece jackets and fleece vests. It is considered the best way to present corporate colors while keeping the user warm and comfortable.

Art. CodeCompositionWeavingWeightWidthW/RW/PF/R
415%100 CottonCanvas550 gsm150 cm3-4200 mmYes
10340%100 Pes Flame RetardantCanvas500 gsm150 cm3-410.000 mmYes
10342%50 Cot %50 Pes Flame RetardantCanvas500 gsm150 cm3-410.000 mmYes

Fabric Functions

Usage Areas