There are luxury short options in fabrics produced for upholstery. These fabric types are also used in different sectors. If we list the luxury upholstery fabric and its features.

  • Velvet fabrics; It is preferred in modern sitting groups. These fabrics, which dominate in many different tones, are giants in soft and voluminous appearance.
  • Linen fabrics, which are among the luxury fabrics, are among the most produced and used fabric types among the upholstery fabric types.
  • Linen fabric also has economic classes among themselves. This type of fabric has non-stretching properties. It is also very resistant to sunlight.
  • Upholstery Chenille Fabrics, which are in the luxury fabric category, have a velvety and hairy surface. This easy-to-clean fabric type is suitable for long-term use and is used in different sofa models.
  • Fabrics, which are a type of processed leather, are shaped by sanding the surface and reach an aged appearance. These fabric types are especially used in modern seating groups. Nubuck fabrics have a modern look unlike fabrics. The lower surfaces of these fabrics are made of fleece. Fabrics with easy-to-clean stain-resistant properties offer a bright appearance.
  • Colt hair fabrics, known for their resemblance to velvet fabric, have a soft texture. Since the feathers are in different directions, a pattern image appears on the fabric.
  • Leather fabrics used by processing the skin of animals are also included in the category of luxury upholstery fabrics. Leather fabrics, which are often used in Chester sofa sets, are suitable for those who like to use leather in home decoration.
  • Artificial leather upholstery fabrics treated with PVC are also a different option for leather sofa lovers. Artificial leather has a dirt-repellent and easy-to-clean structure.
  • Flock Suede is among the fabrics that offer rich color and weaving options to the seats.
  • Fabric made from goat wool, which is mostly used in chair upholstery, is thin and shiny.
  • Outdoor acrylic fabric furniture adds to the air of solar water-resistant fabrics located in located in the luxury category in different quality.
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