The double rubs technique used in upholstery fabrics is used to knit the fabric with two kinds of yarn in different tones, thus providing a different appearance. Since both sides of the fabric are used separately, for example to create a sense of change, different color upholstery can be obtained at the same time in double rubs fabrics.

Due to both being more durable and very useful, double rubs type fabrics continue to be used as demanded products in daily life as highly demanded fabrics.

What is Double Rubs?

These fabrics, known as double face, are fabrics that have different colors on both sides and can be used separately on both sides. These fabrics are called double layer fabrics.

What are the Features of Double Layer Fabric?

  • In double -layered fabrics, different patterns can be obtained on both layers with different knitting processes.
  • Both sides of the fabric can consist of different colors.
  • This type of fabric, which is possible to use in many different sectors, can be addressed according to the sector by using different yarns.
  • These types of fabrics used in the production of top clothing, curtains and upholstery fabrics, blankets, bedspreads; wool, cotton, silk made of the possibility exists.
  • Patterns can be given to these fabrics.


What Kind of Fabric Is Double Rubs?

These fabrics, known as double fabric, have a durable structure, can be used on both sides, and can be used in the clothing or upholstery sector without weighing the weight of the fabric. These fabrics, which hold heat, are among the indispensable fabrics of winter clothing in the clothing industry.

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