Canvas fabric is a type of fabric with a thick structure with the same back and front surface.

This type of fabric, which has a wide range of options, is long-lasting and very comfortable to use due to its usage features. For that, it is used in many sectors. Canvas fabrics used in furniture cladding, one of these sectors, are suitable for outdoor furniture as their durability is of high quality.

What are Canvas Fabric Features?

We can say that canvas fabric is a type of fabric that can be used in different sectors, since it is a fabric with different properties.

Canvas fabric features include.

  • It is made of linen.
  • Although it has a thick structure, it is flexible.
  • It has a durable structure, can be used for many years.
  • Since it can be applied on different color and pattern tones, it offers many options for decoration models.
  • It can be used in all seasons; it is resistant to sunlight.
  • Outdoor proposed for the quality of the furniture in canvas and appropriate budget has a soft property seeker.
  • It is one of the most preferred fabrics in the clothing industry.
  • Weaving can be done in different thicknesses according to the usage area and sector.
  • It is the type of fabric that can be printed on the most because it is durable and keeps the dye printing processes.
  • Canvas fabrics, which can adapt to different weaving techniques, can be used easily in outdoor products thanks to their waterproof structure.
  • Due to its features that filter the sun’s rays, there is no spillage in its prints, no fading in its colors, and its use is long-lasting.
  • Due to its easy-to-clean features, it is among the fabric types preferred by many different sectors.

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